About Medusa Books

We are terribly, awfully, wonderfully nerdy. That’s why we started this bookshop — we wanted to do something weird and fantastic and maybe a little crazy, but definitely, DEFINITELY something with sci-fi and fantasy books.

We’re also brand new. We started in January 2017 and to be honest, we’ve only just got going as of March. We aim to provide quality, affordable used science fiction and fantasy books to our customers, since we know that new books can put a strain on your wallet and ebooks just don’t have that same ‘book’ feel.


The Team

medusa booksVictoria is the Founder and Senior Bookseller here at Medusa Books. With a work history that includes libraries, bookstores, publishing, editorial, and a degree in Literature & Creative Writing, it’s safe to say that she has devoted her life to books (as well as a brief, delightful foray into Animal Behaviour). Her favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Robin Hobb, and Pete Newman, and her favourite part of the job is the way it makes her feel like a salvager in a post-apocalyptic bookscape. She is also unreasonable excited by bookpost.


medusa booksJosh is Medusa Books’ Co-Founder and Stock Manager. He’s obsessed with efficiencies and hopes we will one day be able to hire an army of super-intelligent stock robots. His background in warehouse management and his ongoing degree in Computing & IT put him squarely and securely in charge of our systems. His favourite books are THE SLOW REGARD OF SILENT THINGS, THE ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE, and THE MAD SCIENTIST’S DAUGHTER (he also insists that DUNE gets an honourable mention). His favourite part of the job is driving off to make large book collections.


medusa booksMerlin holds the prestigious position of Bookshop Wizard. He’s more keen on blankets than books but is still happy to oversee operations and greet all of our visitors. As far as we know, the only spells he knows are Charm Person and Sleep.

We try to keep him off the books.


The Shop


medusa books

We are an online-only shop, so what you see is what you get, but behind-the-scenes we have a small home-based book warehouse. It looks chaotic, with its hodge-podge of bookcases (part of our commitment to sustainability is only using second-hand bookcases) but there’s a definite method to the madness. We hope to eventually progress to a warehouse-based book warehouse, but for now enjoy living with a library.

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