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Binti by Nnedi Okorafor (Mini Review)


BINTI is the kind of sci fi that you sink into. It’s beautiful and at the same time so very grounded. For every gorgeous description and strange wonder, there is something that hits uncomfortably close to home — in the best way. Binti is a young scholar — a mathematical Harmoniser — from a village of genius inventors that are shunned by a world that relies on their craft.

Binti faces disgust from her people for daring to leave and become the first of her people to attend the prestigious galactic Oomza University. She also faces the smirking, shaming prejudice of humans and aliens alike who decide she is primitive and ‘tribal’ because she looks and acts different. But it’s her relationship with the war-like, violent Meduse who try to kill her that makes this book impossible to put down.

I’ve never read anything like it, and my heart ached for more when it finished. I immediately bought the next in the series, and was not disappointed. BINTI is a story not to be missed.


Strange, vivid, and compellingly human. BINTI is a story not to be missed.

Prose: Lyrical. You could read this for the sentences alone.

Plot: Unusual. It never feels slow, but it dwells on things in a way that gives you time to consider.

Feels: Complex.

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