Condition & Buying Guide

We list and price all our stock based on their condition. A book that is faded, yellowing, bent or damaged is going to cost less than one that looks brand new. Although all of the books we sell are complete (eg no missing pages), we want to make sure that you know what you’re getting when you buy from us.


Like New

A book or board game that is in mint condition for its age. It will have little to no signs of handling, and any marking will be insignificant. Older books may have yellowed pages or be slightly faded but will otherwise be pristine.

Very Good

A book or board game that is in excellent condition for its age. It may show signs of handling such as bent spine or creased cover, but will be in otherwise excellent condition.


A book or board game that looks good for its age but may show several signs of wear. It may be heavily creased or highly faded, or have a certain amount of damage (water warping, etc) but will still look good and will be structurally sound.


A book or board game that is acceptable for its age. It may show heavy damage or signs of wear, but will be structurally sound and completely readable/usable. It will look okay, but will not make a good display item.


A book or board game that looks bad for its age. It will show heavy damage or signs of wear and may be heavily peeling, water-damaged, or bent. It will be complete (unless stated otherwise) and functional, but may not have much life left in it and will not be pleasant to look at.


A book that has been withdrawn from a library. It may have an external plastic case, library stickers, stamps, or borrowing history. This is considered independently of other conditions, but ex-library books will generally be cheaper than their non-library equivalents.


We determine the price of items by a combination of condition (as above), rarity & age, and format (hardback, paperback). All of this information is available to you on the product page for each item, making it easy for you to see how and why we priced the item as we did.

However, regardless of the above, we are committed to fair and affordable pricing, which is why you will find that our prices are consistently low and competitive with other retailers, as well as ebooks.

Why aren’t there unique images?

Unfortunately, it just isn’t practical to take pictures of each book as it comes in, and makes more sense to use one cover image for all. This is why we have our condition rating system, so that you know what to expect. If you would like specific images or information on an item, you are welcome to contact us.

For board games, we are able to take specific images as we do not have as much stock and they are more expensive items, so we want to make doubly certain that you know what you are purchasing.


Note: while we make every effort to ensure that the cover images on each item are accurate, sometimes mistakes will be made. We will contact you before completing your order to warn you if the cover is different than as shown, so that you can make an informed decision. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to resolve the issue.