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Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach (Mini Review)

fortune's pawn by rachel bachReview

A space mercenary with a shipload of ambition and a fondness for punching people goes on a near-suicide mission in the hopes of getting noticed by the religious warrior elite of her planet: the Devastators, the King’s personal guard.

Devi, the unapologetically bad-ass main character, gives a perspective that is hard, smart, and funny. But the thing that most sets FORTUNE’S PAWN apart is surely the fantasy-esque world of powered-armour knights, fascinating alien species (including sassy bird people and terrifying Alien-esque xenomorphs), and a religion based around powered-armour, strength, and a warrior King.

With a steamy romance and a main character who isn’t afraid to beat her way up the career ladder, FORTUNE’S PAWN will surely appeal to any readers who like their sci fi grounded, quick, and mean.


The kind of book you read in one sitting.

Prose: Clean, quick, unsentimental — just like Devi.

Plot: An unfolding conspiracy (all the more fun when the main character just wants to get paid to hit stuff)

Feels: Unexpected


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