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The Rivan Codex



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‘THE RIVAN CODEX’ David and Leigh Eddings
Illustrated by Geoff Taylor
Ancient Texts of the Belgariad and The Malloreon

RIVAN CODEX’ is a book full of wonders. In its pages can be found the
origin and the birth of the greatest fantasy epic of modern times which
began with ‘The Belgariad’ and continued with ‘The Malloreon.’ Here for
the very first time David and Leigh Eddings present the seminal texts on
which they built their world-wide best-selling masterpiece. Its
undeniable air of authenticity was forged in the beautiful writings that
make up ‘The Rivan Codex’.

Eminently collectable, absolutely essential, ‘The Rivan Codex’ is the book no Eddings reader will want to miss. It contains:
• Preface by Belgarath the Sorcerer
• The Holy Books
• The Histories
• The Battle of Vo Mimbre
• The Book of Ages, The Book of Fates, The Book of Tasks, The Book of Generations, The Book of Visions
• A Summary of Events

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