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The War Lord of the Air



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It is 1973, and the stately airships
of the Great Powers hold benign sway over a peaceful world. The balance
of power is maintained by the British Empire – a most equitable and just
Empire, ruled by the beloved King Edward VIII. A new world order, with
peace and prosperity for all under the law. Yet, moved by the politics
of envy and perverse utopianism, not all of the Empire’s citizens
support the marvelous equilibrium.
Flung from the North East Frontier of 1902 into this world of the future, Captain Oswald Bastable is forced to question his
most cherished ideals, discovering to his horror that he has become a
nomad of the time streams, eternally doomed to travel the wayward
currents of a chaotic multiverse.
The first in the Nomad of the Time Streams trilogy, The Warlord of the Air
sees Bastable fall in with the anarchists of this imperial society and
set in train a course of events more devastating than he could ever have

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