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We’re a pair of Swindonian geeks, selling used Sci-Fi & Fantasy from our home because we love SFF. We’ve only just started and business is tough, but we love what we do and we’re committed to the job.

We know that in Swindon, there’s an awesome community of SFF fans, and that when you shop in the big chains, it can be difficult to get that specialist knowledge — or that specialist range. We sell books from all decades, some that have just come out and many that went out of print years ago. We don’t charge more for our vintage books, either — we’re committed to keeping our prices low.

Because we love Swindon and we’re Swindon-based, we want to lower our prices in the Swindon area.

Right now, we’re offering Free Delivery on orders £5 and over in Swindon, Wroughton & Highworth with coupon code:


Thank you so much for visiting our shop!

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